IT Support & Service

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Active DataComm® is here to help you and your business, in whatever way best suits your needs. With support options that include Maintenance Service Agreements, on-site technicians, remote-control and administration of computers and systems over the Internet, consulting via telephone or email, and other customized solutions, we can take care of your support needs professionally, efficiently, and in the way that fits your business best.

Service Agreements

Active DataComm's® Service Agreement Plans are the best way for your business to save on Information Technology Service and Support. Providing proactive service is our goal at Active DataComm®. We offer routine Maintenance Agreements as a method of having our staff actively maintain your network and computer systems. Being physically onsite or remotely connected to your network on a regular basis allows our staff to perform preventative measures on systems to reduce risks to your equipment and users in addition to loss revenue to your business. We prevent problems and keep your systems running smoothly. Active DataComm® can also monitor electronic log files, events, and alerts from your network equipment to stay on top of any developing issues and address them before they become a bigger problem. Active DataComm® would like to offer your business a complementary hour of network consulting and submit a proposal for providing your business with our A+ Sales, Service, and Support offerings.

Our Service Agreement customers benefit from an overall reduced billing rate, 30 day billing terms, and priority support, as well as access to our online ticketing system.

Our online ticketing system allows our Service Agreement customers to log in to our system, view support tickets and resolutions, and most importantly, submit new support tickets directly and instantly to Active DataComm, for priority scheduling and support. The online system is available all day, every day.

Contact us today to find out how Active DataComm® can become your Information Technology Service Provider.

Remote Assistance and Administration

Active DataComm® offers a variety of methods to remotely access your computers, which allow us to remotely administer your systems without having to send a technician on-site. This not only usually saves the customer both time and money, but minimizes workplace disruption and employee distractions, since a technician need not be physically present.

Our tools not only allow our technicians to access network hardware, but also individual computers. Do you just need some help setting up Outlook, getting a printer or other peripheral working, or have some other problem that doesn't require a technician on-site? With just a few clicks, and your permission, one of our technicians can control your computer, just as if he or she were sitting there in person. Let the technician take over, or just watch and guide you, stepping in as needed - you can participate as much or as little as you like.

Our affiliated partner remote access products meet and exceed all Governmental regulatory compliances such as HIPAA, SOX, and GLBA.

On-Site Support

ADC_FleetFor support that needs hands-on expertise, our "best in class" service technicians are dispatched to provide you with A+ service.

Our technicians pride themselves on being professional, courteous, efficient, knowledgeable, and certified in their field.

Please contact us to have a professional computer technician dispatched to your location.

In-Shop Sales and Support

Come in and visit! Browse our store, place an order, pick up a repair, or ask a question. Yes, we are an old-fashioned "brick and mortar" store too.

If you would like to stop by to drop off a computer or other hardware, for evaluation and support, our friendly in-shop staff is ready to help.